• Wash U is still killing thousands of animals: The 2013 USDA Report

    The newest numbers are in, and as was expected, they’re grim. The 2013 year-end report documenting the species and quantities of animals used for invasive medical research at Wash U was released recently. And while it appears there’s a steady decrease in the number of animals being killed for vivisection …

    Washington University Animal Research—USDA 2011-2013
  • Editorial: “Animal testing is a flawed model”

    Editorial from former animal laboratory veterinarian Kenneth Litwak on why animal testing is a flawed model. The pyramid of assumptions in animal research does not have a solid base in scientific fact; rather it has been built on a Ponzi scheme of ever-increasing conjecture and chance.

    Animal researcher with monkey
  • On why the cat lab campaign is NOT over

    A quick note to clarify some of what you read in the news coverage on this site and elsewhere… While PETA’s name is all over this campaign, we’d like to remind the local community that we collaborated with the organization at the outset of our work against the cat lab—and also …

    Bo Kennedy's Intubation Lab